Hi mum and dad. I am safe and I even did the rock climbing. It was hard and hot but I did it laughing all the time. My favourite part was the water obstacle course today. Now I am playing games at the hotel with my friends. I miss you and see you tomorrow.

Hi mom and dad I am doing fine. I went into a cave and it was a bit tricky for me but I was resilient and I did it. I miss you a lot mom and dad but everything is fine. How is Snow and Cooper, is he doing fine now? Only 2 more nights and I can see you again. Bye mom and dad, I am going to have free time with my friends.

Heyo mom and dad. Eurgh, did my brother do my duolingo elevate and lumosity? I hope so, thanks! I had fun! I haven’t been hurt in rock climbing and caving and the other activities.  I climbed halfway on the green stage (hardest stage) on rock climbing and did other levels too. Epic arts was good doing some dance with different people disabled people (pretty cool ) ok bye.

(My favorite part was climbing it was fun because I felt cool)

Hello boobooface Harvey, Mummy and Daddy. I am playing football with Kimlong, Tommy and Aldrich right now and I am very excited for tomorrow because I am coming home. I have had a great time with lots of fun. I wrote about it in my diary to remember. I packed everything tonight with my list. Bye bye
Hello mom and dad! How are you, and how is Jason? I went to many places in Kampot! I went rock climbing and I went caving! It was fun!! I am looking forward to seeing you again. Have a great day mom and dad!
Hello, today was really fun but also a bit scary because I went to a water park but I know that I went to a parkour like a water one.
Yesterday I went to a cave and climbed it. It was really scary, like really really terrifying because it was super high in the air. But I know that my Kep trip was super fun! And I also miss you very much.
Hello mommy and daddy, it is me Bota your daughter that I hope you won’t forget because it has been a bit long.

I have had fun. What I did at Kampot was amazing because I went caving and climbing and also epic arts. At epic arts I met some beautiful people and on the next day I went to a water obstacle. Here we also went zip lining and it was amazing. I had so much and also didn’t forget to put on suncream. I really missed you and can’t wait to meet you tomorrow afternoon and I love you, see you tomorrow.☺️☺️☺️

Hi Mom are you doing fine? I am so happy that I came to Kampot! When I went inside the cave, it was soo scary! I have few tiny scratches but I am doing fine and the food is delicious and I don’t regret I came! Be safe Mom!
Kampot is very fun because we went climbing and caving.At the hotel I slept really well and the rooms were very nice and big and all the food at the hotel was really good. Now I am very excited for the water obstacle course and I did not get hurt at all.