December 13th, 2018

Our last week before the midyear break!

We had so much learning going on this week! Year 2 has been finishing up their learning about history of transport. They have done research using different kinds of sources, finding out information of lots of transport inventions over the years! In Year 1 we continued our learning about coding, using online and offline sources. Have a look!


In Year 1 in Literacy we listened to the story of the Grinch who stole Christmas. We have been developing a secure understanding of article, adjective and noun. The children wrote adjectives to describe the Grinch. Can you think of any? We also wrote kind notes to our friends and the school community.

In Maths we learned to use positional language. We used a variety of objects and placed them inside/outside/on top/beside/behind/in between and under the box. This also helps us greatly when we learn about coding.

In Year 2 we have started to explore a new book. We have been learning to look closely at the pictures to find clues about the characters and story line. We have used lots of cooperative learning structures to discuss our ideas. Next we used our inference skills and imaginations to predict where the door leads to. We have tried hard to include adjectives to describe what we think will happen.

In Year 2 we have started to explore a new book. We have been learning to look closely at the pictures to find clues about the characters and story line. We have used lots of cooperative learning structures to discuss our ideas. Next we used our inference skills and imaginations to predict where the door leads to. We have tried hard to include adjectives to describe what we think will happen.

This week in maths we have continued practicing our subtraction on an empty number line and we have started to make connections between addition and subtraction by looking at number fact families.

I am the star of the week for working really well with my partner in maths!

I have been working cooperatively with my friends and helping them during maths.

I have been practising my problem solving skills in maths.

I am an excellent enquirer because I ask great questions about the learning. I am so curious for information! I am also enthusiastic about everything!

We are wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday!

See you in the new year!

December 5th, 2018

History of transport

This week the historians in Year 1 and Year 2 learned lots more about the history of transport. We looked at pictures, we read books and we researched fact cards and -sheets to find out more details about history of transport.

Have a look at these pictures of different modes of transport used in the past in Cambodia.

We also looked at how a steam train works. You can find out about lots of other vehicles in this playlist.:

In Year 1 we continued our learning from last week. We consolidated our learning of articles, adjectives and nouns.

In maths we learned how adding different numbers can sometimes have the same outcome and we practised solving worded problems. Some of us used counters, number lines or a 100 square to help us solving mathematical problems. We also learned about programming and coding as it’s the Hour of Code this week. We did this on the whiteboard or on iPads. There is so much to learn more about this, so we will continue next week!

In Year 2 this week in Literacy we continued to learn about Grace from the books Amazing Grace and Grace and Family. We learned that all families are different and we then planned and wrote a letter to Grace to reassure her about her worries. In maths we have focused our learning on subtraction. We have thought about the different strategies we already know. We have been practising to subtract by using a number line. We have learned how to subtract a one digit number by counting back in ones, or by jumping to the nearest multiple of 10 first. Next we have begun to learn how use an empty number line to subtract a two digit number, by jumping back in tens, then ones.

I have done my best to solve word problems this week.

I have been very cooperative with my friends this week.

I am a risk taker and resilient when learning to subtract on an empty number line.

I have been an enquirer by trying out different strategies to subtract in maths.

November 29th, 2018

Bon Om Touk

As part of our learning in International Mindedness the children in MP1 explored many aspects of the Water Festival, Bon Om Touk. They enjoyed their own boat races in the garden, tasted special Cambodian foods and learned about the moon and its importance in the Water Festival.

This week we started learning about the vehicles in the past. First the learners sorted different kinds of transport and they used their thinking skills to come up with their own ideas of groups to sort them in. Eg. cars/bikes, in the water and on the water, with- and without engines. They also had a go at sorting vehicles for oldest to newest, which was quite tricky. We learned the word ‘chronological order’, can you explain what it means?

Next week we will have a go at researching how transport has changed using different sources.

In Year 1 we focused on articles, adjectives and nouns in literacy. We learned what each of these parts of speech mean and match them with a symbol. We read sentences, we sorted words and had a go at writing our own sentences using an article, adjective and noun. Here you can see some of our work on the iPads about nouns:

In maths we heard the story of King Counting, Queen Equals and Prince Plus. And we found out there were lots of problems to solve in the Land of Numbers. We practiced the number bonds to 5, 10 and some of us tried number bonds to 20. We solved worded problems with addition and subtraction. And we have written our own word problems to solve. Such great learning!

In maths we have been learning all about symmetry. We have been practising our skills in completing symmetrical patterns, then demonstrated our understanding by creating our own symmetrical patterns. Next we have been investigating the lines of symmetry in shapes. We have ended the week by developing our problem-solving skills linked to symmetry.

This week in literacy in Year 2 we have learning all about Grace from the books Amazing Grace and Grace and family. We have been learning about Grace’s character and the challenges she faces. We have written diary entries from Grace’s perspective to show that we understand her feelings.

I have used my enquiry skills to think about differences of vehicles in the past and present.

I am a principled learner and a great friend to everyone in my class. I always try to make the right choices.

I have been a principled and independent learner, trying my best at everything.

I was very brave in the swimming session this week!

November 14th, 2018

Family Learning Day!

We had a lovely day with so many family members joining our Family Learning Day. They learned with us in lots of different subjects! It was a great opportunity for the learners to share their learning journey with their families!

In Year 1 we have done a lot of work on subtraction this week. We learned words like ‘minus’ and ‘take away’. Some of us used counters to solve subtraction problems, other used the number line to work it out or check their answers.

In literacy we learned about singular- & plural nouns. In many cases nouns get an ‘s’ or ‘es’ at the end. We matched singular and plural nouns, we wrote them and even did games about them. The learners had so much fun taking part in all these activities. We still need to keep practising to pronounce the -s and -es ending of plurals.

Some of our work on the iPads this week in maths & literacy:

In Year 2 in maths this week we have been talking about and learning to read and plot coordinates. Our families helped us during family learning day to play a game of star-ships. We were trying to locate each other’s spaceships guessing coordinates and strategically recording their position.

In literacy we have been learning how to write expanded noun phrases. We discovered our alien friend had left his suitcase behind and so we used the contents of it to learn about nouns, and sorted appropriate adjectives to describe them. We then used these words to create our own descriptive expanded noun phrases. We ended the week by using a heart warming video clip about a man on the moon, as a stimulus for writing. We wrote independently and tried to include all the skills we have been practising this learning block. Why not look at the video together.

Maybe you could continue the story. What happens next?!

Mr Luke brought these beautiful models of Cambodian rowing boats in to our classrooms!

We will tell you more about it after the break!

Happy Waterfestival everyone!

I have done my absolute best in trying to write plural nouns.

I am the star of the week for making sentences with plural nouns independently.

I am a risk taker in my writing. I never dodge a good word and always try to use my phonics to help me with my spellings.

I have been a good communicator and contributing lots to our class learning this week!

November 6th, 2018

Milepost 1’s Walking Trip!

This week all our Milepost 1 learners went on a walking trip! We did a nice trip around the neighbourhood and we plotted different landmarks on our maps.
Back in the classroom the learners had to use their mapmaking skills again in order to make their final map with a key!

With this trip we finished our Geography learning. We will move on to International Mindedness and learn about the Waterfestival next week!

What do you already know about the Waterfestival in Cambodia?
Do you if other countries have a similar Waterfestival?

In Year 1 the learners practised with place value this week. We used dienes and beads to partition numbers in tens and ones. Some of us even tried numbers with hundreds and thousands! In Literacy we learned and practised writing sentences. We learned that every sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. We also know now that we use fingerspaces after every word and ofcourse sentences have to make sense!

Can you find any capital letters in this blog?
How do you it’s a capital letter?
And can you find a full stop?
Why do we put a full stop at the end of a sentence?

This week in Year 2 we have been using our alien profiles and knowledge of the moon to plan and write our own daily account as an alien. We have been practising to use a range of time connectives to sequence our routines and have tried hard to include adventurous adjectives. We have learned that if we are describing something we do everyday, then we write it in the present tense and in the first person. In maths we have continued to develop our knowledge and skills linked with position and direction. We learned what a coordinate is and have become skilled at locating positions on a map using coordinates. We have also been able to write the coordinates of objects and have been applying our knowledge of positional language to direct others to a given landmark or location.

I was a risktaker when I tried to partition numbers in maths this week!

I have been very resilient and working hard in maths this week!

I have been resilient in Literacy because I completed my story plan with only a little bit of support.

I have been very resilient and brave in my first week at iCAN!

Octomber31st, 2018

Lots of map making in MP1!

We continued our geography learning this week by making our own maps of the classroom. First we had to identify and plot the different objects on our empty plan. We then added symbols and wrote them on our key. This helps us to know what the different symbols and colours mean. Some of us also had a go at making a imaginary map for Halloween!





In Year 1 we had a special visit from Mr Shannon. He helped us learn about verbs in present- and past tense.

Have you had a look at this book?
Which types of transport can you see? Can you make sentences using these verbs: flew, rode, drove, went?

In Maths we consolidated our learning about shapes. The learners had a go at recording their knowledge about the different 3D shapes. We used the HP Reveal app to record and showcase our learning! You could also download this app at home:
You can download your own colouring page of the 3D shapes, colour and explore

Recording the different properties of shapes

Trying to make a hemisphere using polydron!

Look! A dodecahedron!

Exploring Quiver on the iPads!

Recording our knowledge of 3D shapes using the app HP reveal

Can you see any cylinders?

In Year 2 this week This week in maths we have been learning to use positional language such as left, right, clockwise and anticlockwise. We navigated Bee-Bots through different floor maps using position language.

In literacy we have been practising how to use the past and present tense accurately. We have learned how to sort verbs into past and present tense and we have learned about the different ways to pronounce verbs ending in ‘ed’. We have also focused our learning on the aliens from Man on the Moon. We used our imagination to create alien character profiles, and have been practising our skills of asking and answering questions in role. We even had a surprise visit from a real alien that lives on the Moon…!​

I am the star of the week for being a risk taker and writing a sentence in past tense.

I am the star of the week, because I did a great job in making maps with a matching key!

I have been a great communicator, using expression to read my spooky story in phonics.

I am so resilient and independent when partitioning and adding 2-digit numbers.

October 23rd, 2018

Milepost 1’s TUKTUK Trip!

This week all the MP1 learners went on a tuktuk trip! We had a fantastic time! Our unit is all about transport and in Geography we are using and making maps of the local area.

The learners had to use their map skills to find out where we were going to. We visited many different places in Phnom Penh; Central Market, Wat Phnom, the Royal Palace and we saw the Independence Monument.

We also stopped at the train station to look at the trains and we saw the boats by the riverside, as well! Back in school the learners found the route and drew the different places on their own map.

Have you been to any of these places? Can you find them on a map?

In Year 1 we have continued learning about the past tense. This time we had a closer look at the irregular past tense verbs, because they change a lot! Watch this video, can you find any past tense verbs in here?

In mathematics we continued learning about shapes. We learned lots of 3D shapes. We even learned about the faces of shapes, the edges and vertices! We found out that you can actually see 2D shapes in 3D shapes!

In Year 2 in Maths this week we have been using our partitioning skills to add 2-digit numbers together. We have also been number detectives using Numicon to find missing numbers in number sentences. We’ve also learned that = means ‘the same as’.

In Literacy we have continued to focus our learning around the book Man on the Moon. This week we have been writing for different purposes. We have learned about the features of a postcard. Year 2 then used our imagination to fly to the moon and meet Bob. We have written our own postcards from the moon. We have also been practising checking our writing and making improvements.

I have done an amazing job using the map during our tuktuk trip!

I am the star of the week for being a thinker and working really hard on getting to know the 3D shapes.

I was a risk taker in all of my learning and I have shown a lot of resilience starting at a new school!

I was a brilliant thinker in Literacy for using my imagination to write a postcard from the moon.

October 18th, 2018

Welcome back everyone!

A new learning block, a new unit!
We started our learning block off right with a fantastic entry point. So many children brought in their bicycles, scooters and some even roller-skates! That was a fun way to start the new unit From A to B, which is all about transport. We can’t wait to learn more about transport! Yippee! We also had a knowledge harvest: thinking about the different types of transport we know already. Some can fly through the air whilst others can float on water. What types of transport can you think of?

In Year 1 we learned about the past tense in Literacy. We learned that we use the past tense when we speak about something that has happened before. We found out lots of verbs end with -ed when you use them in the past tense. Some of us tried to write sentences in the past tense. Great effort.

In Maths we learned about 2D shapes. Lots of us knew the names of common shapes already, so we also looked at the features of those shapes. We sorted them in different categories and we used them to make art.

In Year 2 we have started to explore the story of The Man on the Moon. We have been fabulous enquirers by beginning our learning by looking at a picture of the character of Bob and thinking of many questions to ask him, using the clues from the picture. As a class we wrote Bob a letter asking him more about his life. To our amazement he sent a letters back to Year 2. We have discussed our favourite part of the book, and written our reasons why, using the conjunction ‘because’.

In Maths this week we have been learning to partition two and three digits numbers into hundreds, tens and units using Numicon, dienes and Montessori resources. We have started to use this knowledge to help us add two digit numbers through partitioning.

I have been doing a great job in drawing using 2D shapes!

I have been very principled this week, working hard in class.

I have been a great enquirer this week, asking many questions!

I have been doing a fantastic job portioning 2- and 3-digit numbers in Maths!

October 3rd, 2018

Water Week

We had a fantastic time in Water Week. We raised money with a bake sale, we did lots of water activities, we dressed up as water creatures! We also had our exit point. We were very lucky to visit other classes to find out about their learning. We also shared our learning with families and learners from Milepost 3. What a fabulous end of this Water World unit!

In Year 1 we learned more about clock times. We practiced telling the time 1 hour later and we learned about half past. Can you tell the time at home? What time do you have breakfast? And what time do you go to school?

In literacy we practised sharing learning with a partner. We learned to explain about the learning we did in geography and science. We started by looking through our books and deciding what we wanted to share. Then we tried to describe the activities we have done and what we learned from it.

This week in Literacy we have been practicing to use full stops, capitals letters and persuasive language to try and persuade the president of Kenya to ensure that all schools in Kenya have clean running water. We all know how important that is!
This week we have been learning to compare and order numbers up to 100 and beyond. We used Charlie Crocodile to help us remember how to use the < and > symbols correctly. We have demonstrated our understanding by explaining how we have found the missing numbers in the sequences and have been improving our skills in counting up in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10.

I have been so motivated and focused this week, and have done great learning in Literacy and Maths!

I am resilient when faces with a tricky spelling and I am a thinker when I try to use my phonics to help.

I have been a great communicator when sharing stories with my friends.

I am the star of the week for being an enquirer and always thinking of questions.

September 25th, 2018

Trip to the Aquarium!

This week Milepost 1 went to the aquarium in Aeon 2.
What a fantastic time we had! We saw so many different kinds of fish and the children had lots of questions to ask about the different species. We saw catfish, angelfish, pufferfish and even piranha’s and sharks! Some of us have even touched a starfish!
We also learned a lot about different reptiles, which we were allowed to see from very close!

The children of Year 5 and 6 have also visited our classrooms this week. They have learned a lot about the watercycle and water pollution. They shared stop motion videos with us they had made about the water cycle. They also explained us a lot about water pollution. It was wonderful to see the children sharing their learning with each other!

If you want to see what Year 1 and Year 2 have learned in our unit of Water World, then come to our

Exit Point

The learners would love to share their learning with you on

Thursday 4th of October
in our classrooms!

In Year 1 the children recapped all their learning about measuring from the last two weeks. We also started learning about time. We practised telling the time the whole hour. Next week we will be focusing on telling the time to the half hour.

In Literacy the children have written some recounts. We made a plan of what a recount should include and we thought about details to add. The children have written recounts about their trip!

In Year 2 we have continued learning about measures. This week we have been practising our skills in estimating and measuring capacity. We have linked this learning to our science, and have used our knowledge of millilitres and litres to predict the total amount of rainfall each day. We have been working cooperatively to accurately measure the daily rainfall and compare the results to our predictions.

​In Literacy this week we have been looking at photos from around the world to do with water and writing about what we can see. We’ve learnt what persuasion is and we are working on writing persuasive letters to the president of Kenya to persuade him to make sure that every school has running water.

I have been very cooperative and always try to help my friends in need.

I am the star of the week for being adaptable on the trip to the aquarium and for following all the rules!

I have been a thinker and a risk taker in all of my learning. My attitude towards learning has improved massively!

I have been a great thinker, sharing lots of ideas about why it is important to wash our hands

Happening Next Week...

All cake or cookie donations welcome. Please send to Ms Gemma, Ms Bona or Ms Leakena before 1:00pm on Tuesday.

All proceeds this week will go to local charities that build water wells and filters which enable accessible, clean water in rural parts of Cambodia.

Thank you for your support.

September 19th, 2018

Science in Milepost 1!

In Year 2 they have started learning about water pollution. They made beautiful models of different habitats and then they had to pollute them!
After this, they tried to clean the habitats and sometimes this was quite tricky!

We also learned about hygiene. The children had some great ideas when and why we need to wash our hands. We also planned for an investigation to find out what happens with food when you touch it with dirty hands.

  • We first placed a piece of bread in the bag using a fork. No hands were used to touch the bread slice.
  • Next we passed around the slice of bread in our circle without washing our hand and placed it in the bag.
  • We then washed our hands thoroughly, touched another piece of bread and placed the bread in another bag.

If you want to do what has happened, come and have a look in our classrooms!

If you want to know more about why washing hands is important, watch this video to learn about it!

Year 1

In Maths we practiced even more with measuring. We learned to predict before measuring weight. We also practised to measure objects to the nearest centimeter. Some of us also made magic potions whilst carefully measuring liquids with a measuring jug!

In Literacy we read the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain. We also practised to ask questions. We learned the different words questions start with: who, what, where, when, which, why, how, can you? We also learned a question ends with a question mark!

Year 2

In maths we have been learning how to measure length. We have been practising our skills by lining up in order of length and in using a ruler to measure accurately to the nearest cm. We have also been developing our estimating skills, then checking how long classroom objects are. We have also learned how to draw a line of measurement in centimeters.

In Literacy this week we have been using a range of sources to research all about Kenya. We have been learning to make notes under the relevant headings. We learned about the food in Kenya, the flag, the weather, the languages spoken there as well as the animals that live there. We also made a fact file to show off all of our wonderful learning about Kenya! ​

Thanks to all the families who came to our Family Event!

We had a blast!

I was a risk taker during our research lesson on Kenya. I used all of the resources and put the information under the correct headings independently.

I have been an enquirer this week during Maths and also used new vocabulary related to this.

I have been an enquirer, when using a ruler to measure objects in the classroom.

I have been demonstrating my measuring skills in maths, and worked cooperatively to help others.

September 11th, 2018

Another great week of learning!

This week we finished off our learning of the different land & water forms. We used maps to locate islands, rivers and lakes in Cambodia. We also looked at where rivers start and end. We found out lots of rivers go through many different countries!
We also watched some videos about how people use water in Cambodia and why clean water is important to us. We will definitely be learning more about that when we start our next subject Science!

In Year 1 we practised lots more rhyme. The children got better and better at coming up with rhyming words, independently or with a partner. They also had a go at writing rhyming words. At the end of the week, they have written a poem with these words. They had so many great ideas!

In maths the children started learning measuring. They already know many words to do with measuring: heavy & light, long & short, full & empty. We used scales, measuring tape, rulers and measuring jugs. This was a lot of fun! Next week we’re going to learn some more terms to do with measuring and we will learn to measure accurately.

In Year 2 in maths we have continued learning about fractions. We applied our knowledge of fractions to help us find half of irregular shapes. Next we have learned to find 1/2 and 1/4 of a number. We used cubes and Numicon to help us to find the answers to the more challenging numbers. We have also been learning to double numbers. We have been practising to recall halving and doubling number facts through practical games and activities.

This week in Literacy we started off our week by rehearsing and performing our Kenya rain poems. We then composed questions about what we would like to find out about Kenya. We looked at features of information texts and learned how to skim and scan texts to find the answers to our questions. We are looking forward to creating a fact file about Kenya to show off our new knowledge.

Do you want to practise some maths games at home?


Username & password: icanpupil

The children will need some help to log on and find the designated Year 1 or Year 2 folder.

I have shared great ideas with my friends when I thought about rhyming words.

I have been working very hard in all the learning this week!

I have been a great enquirer, when asking lots of questions to find out about Kenya.

I have been showing to be super-enthusiastic for my learning this week!

September 04th, 2018

Lots of new learning in MP1!


We continued our Geography learning this week by learning lots of new words. We learned different land & water forms; lots of new knowledge!!

The learners made models and maps of these different land & water forms, which you can see in our classrooms. If you want to work on this a bit more at home; have a look here: Land and water forms lesson
​Maybe you can make some water & landforms at home!

In Year 1 we have been working about rhyme in Literacy. This was quite tricky. The children practised many games and even attempted to write their own rhyming words. Such amazing poets we have in Year 1! And look below! The seeds we planted last week are growing!

In Maths we worked on bar graphs. The learners made lots of different bar graphs by themselves. We also had a good look at them and tried to answer questions about the bar graphs. For example; which is the most popular? which is the least popular?

In Year 2 this week we have been learning about fractions. We’ve talked about fraction terms that we use in everyday life such as ‘halfway’ and ‘quarter of the way’. We are learning to shade a 1/2 and a 1/4 of different shapes. Some of us can even find 3/4 of a shape. We also know that 2/4 is the same as a 1/2! We are looking forward to finding fractions of numbers next!

In Literacy, we have been learning to write our own poems based on Lila and the Secret of Rain. We used our senses to imagine how the rain would feel, smell and what Lila and her family would be thankful for, now the rain has finally come. In partners we have used the vocabulary we generated to write our own poems using repetitive language.

I have been working collaboratively with my friends.

I have been very principled, making the right choices.

I have challenged myself this week to produce the best work I can

I have settled in very nicely in a new class.

Another great week in MP1

August 27th, 2018

We started learning Geography this week. We used a fantastic app to find out lots of information about the world. The children found animals in different continents, and looked at islands, lakes and rivers. They also tried to explain how animals can survive in different habitats. For example, how come that snakes can live in the desert and penguins in Antarctica? If you want to use this app at home:

Let’s see what kind of map-skills MP1 will practise next week in Geography!

In Year 1 we worked on a garden outside by the swing! The children made a shopping list and a plan for the new garden. They labeled different parts of a plant and sorted seeds. The learners asked around what other people would like to see in our garden, and used tally marks to record this. We also started to learn number bonds to 10 and organised numbers in tens and units.

This week Year 2 have been learning how to use a 100 square to find 1 more and 1 less as well as 10 more and 10 less than a specific number. We’ve been using a game called splat ( to help us become familiar with the 100 square so that we can use this resource to help us in the future.

In Literacy we have continued to learn about Lila and the Secret of Rain. This week we have been practising to use past tense verbs in simple sentences, and have been including different sentence openers to make our writing more interesting. We will try hard to use these skills to attempt to write the story in our own words.

I have been very adaptable settling in a new class and -school!

I have been a great thinker this week, helping and looking after my friends!

I have been an enquirer, finding out lots of new information using the Altas app.

I have also been a great enquirer using the Altas app and answering lots of questions about the world.

Starting a new unit!

August 21st, 2018

Water World is our new unit ​in Milepost 1!

Last Tuesday we had a fantastic Entry Point! Early Years, Milepost 2 and 3 are also going to learn about water. So we had an Entry Point with all of the children. We had to transfer water to different buckets, going through- and over obstacles. We also raced in different teams to see who could transfer water the fastest. Have a look here:

Knowledge Harvest

These are the places we know we can find water:

  • River
  • Tap water
  • Beach
  • Ocean
  • Pond
  • Iceberg
  • Rain
  • Clouds
  • Water in pipes
  • Water in the sink
  • Jungle
  • Flood (very wet)
  • Dry (not enough water)
  • Desert (no water)
  • Antarctica

Can you think of more? And what do people do with water?

Year 2

In Year 2 we have been continuing to develop our understanding of place value. We have been learning how to make numbers using different addition and subtraction sums. We have especially enjoyed using the One is a Snail book as a stimulus for our maths learning and problem solving. Why don’t you see if you can make any more animal sentences that total 5, 9 or 33.! In Literacy we finished our learning based on the story of The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes, by writing a letter to Beatrice offering her advice. It was lovely to see the different ideas the children had to offer. We have started to learn about Lila and the Secret of Rain. We have focused on developing our skills in writing descriptive words and sentences, to describe the Kenyan village.

Lots of parents/carers came to the Curriculum meeting last week, which is fantastic!

Here are some of the videos we showed, that might help you when you’re reading with your child at home (this is just for reference, not for children):​


In Year 1 we practised telling stories which have a beginning, middle and an end. We learned the words; character and setting. We also had a go at making a storyboard for our own stories! We also worked very hard on writing the letters l, t, i, j, u and y correctly.

In Maths the children practised adding numbers on a number line. We also worked on understanding the amount that a numeral represents. Of course, we had to practise writing the numerals. We have such fantastic mathematicians in Year 1!

I have been doing a fantastic job in looking after my friends.

I am always happy to share my ideas with my friends!

I have been showing great thinking skills when describing pictures, especially when I shared ideas with my teammates.

I have been a risk taker in Literacy when I practised writing my own ideas.

Learning in Milepost 1

August 16th, 2018

What has Milepost 1 been up to?

We had so much fun in our first full week in school! In our Learning Journey we have been learning all about the brain. Year 2 learned about learning through different senses; while Year 1 has been learning about how the brain helps us to learn. We investigated various aspects of our brain and the way we feel through a variety of activities. We even performed a lobotomy on a jelly brain with so much excitement. We had fun learning new knowledge and practising new skills. Have a look at our photo’s over here:

To end our unit Brainwave we had take-over day! The Year 2’s became the learning facilitators and helped the Year 1’s learn lots of new knowledge and skills! Below are some pictures of take-over day:

In Year 1 we worked hard on writing numbers and counting objects. We counted dots on dice and we played lots of games, in which we learned to read and write numbers up to 20!

In Literacy we practised writing simple words and sentences. We learned to talk about how things look, feel, sound and act like. Some of us even had a go at writing these words! The children also took home their blue book bags. It would be great if you could read with your child at home!

Year 2 has been very busy in maths and literacy. In maths this week we have been learning to use a new maths resource called Numicon. Numicon helps us build number sentences. We have been working on our number bonds and different ways of making certain numbers.

In Literacy we have been reading ‘The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes’ this book is helping us learn to see our mistakes as good mistakes and that we can learn from our good mistakes. We are working hard to develop a growth mindset and not being afraid of making mistakes is really helping us with this. Do you want to hear the story at home? Click on this link:!

Please come to the Curriculum Meeting
Wednesday 22nd of August 5.30-6.30pm

I am the star of the week, because I settled in so quickly in my class.

I have been a risk-taker as I am not afraid of making mistakes.

I have also been a risk taker and joining in with swimming. It’s so much fun!

I am the star of the week, because I have been very resilient this week.

Welcome to Milepost 1!

August 9th, 2018

This week we started in our new classes and lots of other things are new too:

– new learning facilitators

– new classrooms

– new spaces around school

The learners have shown to be very adaptable, we have had some great first days together!


Have you met the new Milepost 1 team?​

It would be nice to see you at the parent/carer- social:


​15th August


Happy Holidays!

June 4th, 2018

IPC Learning Journey

To finish all our fabulous learning Year 2 invited Year 1 along to a very special Exit Point. In Year 2 we shared our learning about stories and explained in great detail our own magical lands, which we created in geography. We had so much fun playing and telling stories with our 3D maps and it was lovely to see Year 1 joining in the fun! Year 1 were great listeners and asked some super interesting questions. We have all become FANTASTIC storytellers.

I have been very cooperative when taking turns in my team!

I’ve been trying really hard to learn my phonics and to set a good example.

2R have been FABULOUS this year! We have done so much learning and Ms Rebekah is going to miss 2R very much!

I am a kind friend and enjoy making my friends laugh.

We wish our leavers best of luck as they move on to their next big adventure!

Have we really reached the end of another school year so soon? What an amazing year of learning! MP1 you should all be very proud of everything you have achieved this year. What a remarkable bunch of resilient, respectful learners we have here at iCAN.

As the final day draws to a close, the MP1 Team would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. We really appreciate all the support and effort you and your children have given over the past year. For those returning after the holidays, we look forward to hearing all about your adventures. For those leaving, we hope you have enjoyed your time at iCAN and are ready to embrace new challenges with open arms. Be brave, take risks and remember: we will miss you!

In MP1 this week:

May 29th, 2018

Holiday plans

Are you going back to your home country for the summer?

Are you going to a new country/place?

Will you be visiting family/friends?

In ourLearning Journey we moved on to International Mindedness. We spoke about stories from different countries. We know some of the stories are based in different places, but we didn’t exactly know where about. We did research about the pictures and the setting to find out where the stories are from. In the end we’ve used our geography skills and plotted those pictures on the world map.

In Year 1we had a try at division inmathematics. We tried division through sharing. Some of us could do this already mentally, some of us shared real objects or drew the division on a white board. We also tried to do division with remainders! This was quite tricky, we’ll do some more work on this next week!

Inliteracy we learned a new type of word: adverb. Those words tell us mostly about how something is done. Everyone knew so many examples! Nicely, quickly, carefully, etc! We drafted our recipe about how to make gingerbread men. Hopefully we can add in some adverbs soon!

Year 2has been inventors this week in literacy. We have been inventing new ways to transport Zeraffa Giraffa from Marseille to Paris. We wrote explanation texts explaining how these modes of transport work. We also included annotated diagrams of our designs.

Inmaths we have been revising our understanding of place value. We made some great connections with our learning and some of us even started to use column addition. When solving word problems we looked for clues and drew pictures to help us understand and solve the problem.

I have been great at sharing strategies to solve a division problem.

I worked very hard on writing instructions of how to make gingerbread men.

I am always ready to help a friend in need.

I am very good at making everyone in my class laugh and smile.

In MP1 this week…

May 24th, 2018

Our next Talk Topic is….Music

Who is your favourite artist?

What genres of music do you like?

Have you heard a great song recently?


EYs and MP1 Family Event

There was so much excitement last Saturday at our final family event of the year. Take a look at all the fun we got up to in ourunder the sea adventures.

IPC Learning Journey

We have been busy making 3D maps this week, based on our 2D maps of imaginary places. Things got very messy but we are really proud of the final result. There are mountains, candy rivers, castles and waterfalls. These maps will come in very handy when telling magical stories during story time at the end of the day.

Year 1

In LITERACY we learned about all the features instructional texts need. Like bossy verbs, a title starting with ‘How to..’, lists and instructions in correct sequence. Later we practised using bossy verbs in spoken and written instructions.

In MATHS we had a go at division. The children learned division through sharing and grouping amounts. Some of us even attempted to work on division with remainders. Great effort!

Year 2

In LITERACY this week we have begun looking at explanation texts ready to write our own explanation text next week. We worked in our teams looking at different explanation texts and their key features; questions as titles, causal connectives, written in the first person and directed at the reader.

In MATHS we have been practising our symmetrical skills. We continued a symmetrical pattern and practised folding shapes to see if they had any lines of symmetry. We have gotten much better at finding different lines of symmetry in shapes. Well done!

I can explain why maps needs to have a key.

I tried really hard to get extra points for my team, trying really hard to be the first to sit on the mat ready to learn.

I tried really hard to find ALL the lines of symmetry on 2D shapes.

I was great at sharing my ideas with my team when we made our 3D maps.