MP1 wish you a happy holiday

December 13rd, 2016

IPC Learning Journey

We started our Geography learning experiencing what life is like in New York City. We looked at the city landscape and saw it transform from daytime to night. We spotted a few famous landmarks too, like the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. We showed our cooperation skills making our own bridges and even created our own city out of Lego! After all that hard work we were in need of some refreshments so we made a visit to an American diner. We were in luck as the special of the day was doughnuts and hot chocolate…. mmmmm!

Year 1

In LITERACY this week we have been practising when to use has or have, as well as am, is or are. It’s a little tricky but we’re starting to get the hang of it. In the new year we will be writing about our favourite day in the holidays. What fun things you will get up to?

In MATHS we have been busy halving numbers. We used cubes to help us have bigger number into two groups. We then tested our knowledge by playing a halving game to see which halves we could remember. It was lots of fun.

Year 2

In LITERACY we worked more about Little Red Riding Hood. We described Little Red Riding Hood’s character, as well as the setting of the story. We made lists of what we hear, see, feel and smell in the wood. After the long Christmas break we will work more on this story and write our own versions!

In MATHS we worked on our addition skills and we will follow up with that after the break. What can you find to add together at home?

We also had a fantastic Maths Day! We spent the morning preparing for our Maths party where we learned about fractions when making sandwiches, measured different amounts of juice, made number sentences using cookies and made patterns out of the decorations for the party. During the party we enjoyed all of the lovely food and drinks that everybody made and we played some great Maths games. We think Maths is so much FUN!

This week in MP1….
December 6th, 2016

Our next Talk Topic is……

IPC Learning Journey

In HISTORY we have continued our learning on inventions which help us to communicate.
We have been great enquirers, finding out lots of fascinating facts about certain inventions, like the television and the telephone.
Do you know who invented the telephone? What inventions do you know? Maybe you can do some of your own research at home.

Year 1

In LITERACY we have been practising speaking and writing in the past tense. We listened carefully to the different sounds that are made when we change a present tense verb to the past tense. Next, we looked at some of the rules for writing in the past tense. Some words just need you to add ed e.g. jump/jumped but for others we need to do something different e.g. run/ran. We enjoyed sorting these words into the correct groups. Finally, we practised changing present tense sentences to the past tense.

​In MATHS we have been busy sequencing numbers in 2s, 5s and 10s. We sorted these numbers into groups using venn and carroll diagrams.
Next week we are going to be practising doubling and halving numbers.

Year 2

In LITERACY we have started a new unit about traditional stories.
We read and looked at different fairy tales; for example the Ugly Duckling, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella. We acted out Little Red Riding Hood with finger puppets and we sequenced the story.
We learnt about the different senses and how Little Red Riding Hood would feel in the forest. Can you think about how she would feel? What can you hear in the forest? What can you see around you?
Next week we will practise with some tools to improve our writing and change the ending of the story!

In MATHS we continued with addition and introduced bridging through 10. We were shown how “to bridge” through ten (add enough to make ten and then add the rest) to find the answer. We learnt how to round up to the nearest ten as a quick strategy of addition instead of counting on.

This week in MP1….
November 29th, 2016

Next week our Talk Topic is …… Technology

IPC Learning Journey

To begin our learning in HISTORY we were given the tricky task of sorting a variety of communication inventions from the past and present into correct groups. It was hard to tell what some of the inventions were supposed to be – they look a lot different today from how they used to look. We then learnt more about chronological order and how to sequence objects on a timeline. We looked for clues to help us …what materials is it made from?? Have you seen one of these before??

Year 1

In LITERACY we finished writing our nonsense poems based on the Ning, Nang, Nong. We had great fun in our teams making up our own nonsense verses. We tried to include all the features in our toolkit.
Next week we will be practising our grammar skills; changing words to the past tense using ‘ed’. Can you think of any words which don’t follow this rule e.g run/ran.

In Maths we practised finding 10 more or 10 less than a given number. We looked for patterns to help us. This also helped us when solving addition problems using three small numbers. First we had to find the matching number bonds to 10. Then add the final number. We then showed our understanding by making our own problems using 3 numbers.
Next week we will be learning about doubling and halving.

Year 2

In LITERACY we have finished our film reviews. We learned how to write a synopsis; the story of the film in short descriptions. We also learned how to write down our opinion about the film and to give reasons why we like or don’t like something using the word ‘because’.
Next week we will learn about some traditional tales and start writing our own versions.

In MATHS we’ve been learning about adding 11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32 and 33 to two-digit numbers.
We also learned how to add 2-digit numbers by counting on in tens and ones, add near multiples of 10 by adding tens and adjusting; identify and test patterns. We practised some mental addition by partitioning and adding near multiples through games.

Welcome Back!
November 24th, 2016

Next week Talk Topic is …… Transport

Thank you to all the families who came to visit and join in our learning this week! It was great to see everyone and we hope you enjoyed learning as much as we did.

IPC Learning Journey

We are very excited to be starting our new unit Media Magic! To start the unit we first we shared what we already know about communication in our Knowledge Harvest.
For our Entry Point we all dressed up to attend a movie premier! The press and paparazzi were out ready to take our photographs as we walked down the red carpet.
We got to eat popcorn and enjoyed the movies.

Year 1

In LITERACY we started looking at nonsense poems. We really enjoyed reading the Ning Nang Nong. There are lots of features which make it an interesting poem to read: alliteration, rhyme, repeated language …and a lot of
nonsense too!
​Next week we will continue to look at poetry and start to think about making our own nonsense poems! Can you think of any nonsense words you could use?

In MATHS we have been busy using money this week. We really enjoyed making our own shops and buying and selling our supplies. We practised giving change and adding up the total cost.
Next week we are going to challenge ours by adding 3 numbers together e.g. 7 + 5 + 3 = …..

​Can you spot the number bond to 10?

Year 2

In LITERACY we watched this short film: For the Birds Original
We retold the events in sequence and wrote some sentences about the events.
We learnt about the characters and setting of the film and made an opening sentence using interesting words like: amusing, brilliant, amazing.
Next week we are going to learn to write our opinion about the short film and finish our film reviews.

In MATHS we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have been busy constructing using straws to make skeletons of 3D shapes.
We made cubes, square-based pyramids and cuboids. We talked about the properties of 3D shapes and identified faces, edges and vertices. We also looked for different objects in the classroom and sorted them into flat and curved surfaces.

Next week, we’ll be doing addition. Adding using tens and units (numbers up to 50).

Welcome Back!
November 6th, 2016

Out next Talk Topic will be…… Favourite Food

International Mindedness

What a special week we’ve had in MP1, learning all about the Water Festival. We had a go at making our own boats before testing them out on the water to see whose boat floats the best! We sampled some delicious treats ready to the moon salutation. To top it off we even had our very own boat race which was incredibly exciting!

Year 1

In LITERACY this week we have been busy exploring rhyme and alliteration. We had lots of fun thinking of our own silly sentences using alliteration. We even created new names for ourselves using alliteration e.g. Jolly Jinna, Jumping Jacob etc.

In MATHS we have started to learn all about 3D shapes. We looked carefully at each shape to see what 2D shapes we could find. To help us we used our 3D shapes and printed 2D shape pictures. We went on a shape hunt and even made our own 3D shapes using nets. Wow, shape-tastic!

Year 2

This week in LITERACY Year 2 have been learning about similes as another poetic device for our calligrams.
We looked at other poetic devices, such as rhyme, alliteration and onomatopoeia.
With all this in our toolkit, we did our best to write shape poems.

In MATHS this week we have been learning about common 2D shapes. We identified the common polygons from pictures in different positions and orientations; drew, sorted and described 2D shapes, referring to their properties including symmetry and right angles.

Welcome Back!
November 3rd, 2016

Our next Talk Topic will be: World Leaders

Exit Point

MP1 would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the families who came and supported our Seeing the Light performance on Friday. The children loved sharing their learning with you and enjoyed answering your questions about light and dark. It has been a fantastic unit filled with much fun and we have learned lots of new knowledge, skills and understanding!

Year 1

In LITERACY we have been writing our own version Hand’s Hen. We set our story in Cambodia and created our own characters. Where could our pet be? Behind Angkor Wat? Inside the Palace? We used repeated language and adjectives to make our writing interesting.

Year 2

The learners in Year 2 have been busy with planning their shape poem this week in LITERACY.
We learned about some poetic devices such as rhyme, alliteration and onomatopoeia. Next week we will learn more about poetry
and write our own calligram!

In MATHS we have been practising our addition and subtraction facts to 20.
We also practised adding and subtracting a single digit to/from a 2-digit number. Interactive resources were used to help the learners practise and consolidate their understanding.

In MATHS we have been learning to tell the time. We learnt about analogue and digital. We were really confident at finding o’clock so we challenged ourselves and practised reading half past. We even sequenced events in the day using ordinal numbers e.g. 1st (first) 2nd (second 3rd (third) etc. We arrive at school in the morning (am) and have ICT in the afternoon (pm).

October 26th, 2016

Our next Talk Topic will be: World Leaders

IPC Learning Journey

We have been very INTERNATIONALLY MINDED this week looking at different festivals of light from all over the world! We looked at fire safety on Bonfire night and practised using sparklers with care. We had to be risk takers and were very brave. We each made a wish as we let our floating candles float round the fountain to celebrate the Indian Arti festival (ceremony of light). We sang a traditional Dutch song all about light with Ms Annemiek. We even made our own crowns with candles just like Queen Lucia in Sweden!

Exit Point

Next week MP1 learners will be coming to the end of our Seeing The Light unit. MP1 would like to take this opportunity to invite parents and carers to join us in celebrating all we have learnt over the past learning block. We will be holding a special performance in a the hall on Friday 4th November from 10am where you can expect all our MP1 super stars to show you their singing and dancing skills. After this you will be invited back to your child’s classroom where they will continue to share some more of their wonderful learning with you. More details to follow soon.

Year 1

In MATHS we have been busy sorting objects into groups using a Venn diagram. We discovered some items belong in both groups so we had to put them in the middle. Other items didn’t belong in either group! These were the odd ones out.

In LITERACY we finished making our nocturnal animal books. They look really cool! We included a blurb, a contents and even a glossary. Our books are full of fascinating facts. Take a closer look…

Year 2

This week Year 2 started writing their booklets about nocturnal animals. After doing a lot of research and learning about the features of non-fiction texts, the children did a wonderful job in writing and illustration their books. We have a true bunch of authors in Year 2 now!

In MATHS, we have been learning how to double and halve numbers using 1-100 string beads. We also used strips with an even number of pictures to help practise our understanding. We played board games to further consolidate our learning.

What have MP1 been learning this week?

October 19th, 2016

Our next Talk Topic is… Space Exploration

IPC Learning Journey

In ART we learned how to show LIGHT and DARK in our pictures using different materials and processes. We used our hands and a torch to make different shaped shadows. We practised making different animal shaped shadows. Can you guess which animals these are? Next, we created our own shadow puppets using black card. We used these puppets to retell the story of The Honest Woodcutter.

Year 1

In LITERACY we have been planning and designing our own non-fiction books all about nocturnal animals. We used our notes from last week’s research to plan our text. Next we designed our front covers. After that we thought about how to make the book interesting to the readers. We wrote our blurbs to tell them more about the book and even included a question to get our readers hooked! Next week we will continue with our books looking closely at the layout inside.

In MATHS we have been handling data. We began by practising the skill of drawing and using tally marks. We created a tally chart to show our favourite nocturnal animals. We then transferred this data onto a block graph. We used mathematical vocabulary such as most popular, least popular to evaluate our results.

Year 2

In LITERACY we have been doing more research about nocturnal animals. Last week we did lots of reading about one nocturnal animal.
This week, we chose another animal to do research about. We used not only fact sheets, but also some websites to find information.
We really practised our inquiry skills by using the laptops. We also practised writing captions by our illustrations. Next week, we will start writing and illustrating our own booklet about nocturnal animals.

In MATHS this week we practised counting in 10s from any number. We looked at multiples of 2 and counting in 2s. We also practised recognising odd and even numbers and consolidated our understanding through games.

This week in MP1…

October 11th, 2016

Our Talk Topic is: Films and Books

IPC Learning Journey

In SCIENCE this week we investigated how some materials reflect light whilst others do not. First we looked at the different properties of materials. Some can be soft, hard, bendy, rough, smooth, shiny or dull. We learnt that some materials; like glass, are transparent but others are opaque; like cardboard. Did you know some materials are translucent? This means light travels through the material but you can’t see clearly through. We used our torches to help us sort the reflective materials from the non-reflective materials. Can you find any reflective materials at home?

Year 1

This week in LITERACY we have continued our learning on nonfiction texts. We were super enquirers and researched lots of fascinating facts about nocturnal animals. Next week we will use our new knowledge of nocturnal animals to write our own non-fiction books. We can’t wait to get started!

In MATHS we have been learning all about fractions. We found halves and quarters of different shapes. We learnt that 2 halves make one whole. We also practised sequencing numbers in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Year 2

In LITERACY we have been practising to find information about nocturnal animals in fact sheets.

e made notes about the things we found and we learned lots about what certain nocturnal animals eat,how they look like and where they live.
We practised our writing skills by changing our notes into complete sentences. That was tricky, we probably need some more time to practise writing reports about nocturnal animals next week!

In MATHS we have been learning about the position of things in relation to other things, so, “above”, “behind”, “in between”, “next to”, and so on. These ideas quickly developed into concepts of direction and movement, often in the context of giving instructions to get from one place to another. We explored positional language through games to consolidate our understanding.

Mad Scientists

October 5th, 2016

Next week our Talk Topic will be: Zoos

IPC Learning Journey

To begin our learning as SCIENTISTS we learned about light sources. A light source is something that gives out light of its own. We then sorted objects that were or weren’t light sources.
We also investigated how shadows change during the day. First we looked at our own shadows. During the day we discovered that shadows can change shape and even move position. We wanted to know how this was possible so we set about our own investigation! We used a torch to shine light on our models and tried to make the shadows change shape. The shadows got longer and short as we changed the position of the torch. We even made the shadows change direction.

Year 1

We have been very busy in LITERACY, learning all about non-fiction. First we explored the different features in non-fiction books e.g. photos, diagrams, captions plus all those fascinating facts. We learnt new key words related to our topic; Nocturnal Animals and used the glossary to find out the meaning. We then discovered that the glossary is in alphabetical order. This helps us to find the words we are looking for easily. Next, we had a go at sorting our own topic words into alphabetical order, before making our own glossary.

In MATHS we have been learning how to double numbers by adding the same number twice e.g. 5+5 = 10

You can practise your doubles at home using this website:

We also learnt the importance of sharing equally. This helps us to find out which numbers are odd or even.

Year 2

n LITERACY we have been focusing on non-fiction books and texts.
We looked at some features of non-fiction texts like headings, subheadings, illustrations and captions.
We also checked different books for a glossary and practised putting words in alphabetical order.

This week in MATHS we were introduced to standard units – decimetres, centimetres and meters. We measured objects to the nearest 10 centimetres (decimetre) and then to the nearest centimetre. We estimated the lengths of items by choosing a range. Next we used string to measure curved lines like our head and arm length. We chose which pieces of measuring equipment and units (centimetres, decimetres or metres) are best for measuring different distances.

September 20th, 2016

Next week our Talk Topic will be: Zoos

IPC Learning Journey

This week in GEOGRAPHY we have made links between night and day, and the position of the Earth to the Sun. We have developed our understanding that it can be day in one part of the world and night in another due to the Earth’s rotation. We demonstrated this using globes and torches to represent the sun.

Year 1

In LITERACY we have been learning about shape poems. First we worked in teams to describe our shape using wow words. We also tried to use similes by comparing our object using the key words ‘as’ or ‘like’. We then wrote our own shape poems relating to our unit Seeing the Light.

In MATHS this week we have been finding out all about 2D shapes and their properties. We even went on a shape hunt and found lots of different shapes around the school. What shapes can you find?

Please follow the link below and have a go at our shape splat game.

Year 2

In Literacy we had a grammar week and we learned all about past tense verbs. First, we looked at the differences between present and past tense and found out that many past tense verbs end with –ed. We practised writing those in our teams, but not all of them end with –ed!
Some verbs are irregular and we need to learn them; there is no –ed rule for these! Like sing/sang or fly/flew. We played many different games to help our brains remember these tricky verbs.

In MATHS we have been using pairs to ten to find the complement to the next multiple of ten. We have been practising using pairs to 10 with the image of the 1-100 grid and the 100 beaded string to support their knowledge. We have also been practising some mental addition using near multiples and partitioning.

This week in MP1….

September 20th, 2016

This coming week our Talk Topic is: Pchum Ben

IPC Learning Journey

This week we have been focusing on the subject of Geography. We have been exploring life in the Arctic Circle. In winter in Tromso, Norway, they have 60 days of Polar Night. This means that they have no sunlight for 60 days!
We found out what it would be like to live there, what types of clothes they wear, what they do for fun and how they work at school. We think the people of Tromso are really adaptable to cope with such harsh conditions. Amazing!

Year 1

In LITERACY this week we have continued our learning based on the story Night Monkey, Day Monkey. We used our senses to describe all the different things we see, feel, smell and hear at night and during the day. We then used these ideas to help us write our own version on the story.

In MATHS we have been practising the skill of using a number line. We know to count on when adding and count back when taking away.

Year 2

In LITERACY we have been learning about compound sentences and we had a go at constructing them using the words and, but, or. We also planned and wrote our own fables!

In MATHS, we’ve been learning to read the time to o’çlock and half past the hour on digital and analogue clocks. We’ve also been exploring time through games. Tick, tock!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Monkey Business for our MP1 Family event.
We had lots of fun and can’t wait till next time!

Seeing the Light

September 9th, 2016

IPC Learning Journey

This week MP1 started our new unit Seeing The Light. We kicked off our Entry Point with a Treasure Hunt: searching for lost gold and precious gems. We used our torches and mirrors to help reflect the light off the sparkly jewels so we knew where to look. Our treasure hunt took us to some deep, dark corners of the school but we weren’t scared! Not even when we crept up the stairs and sat listening to spooky stories in the dark.

Year 1

Carrying on with our Light and Dark theme we listened to the story of Night Monkey, Day Monkey during our LITERACY lessons. It was interesting to hear about the different creatures that come out at night. We made lists to compare the day creatures and the night creatures. Finally we made our own monkey collages and described them using interesting adjectives like furry, soft, and tickly. We then wrote up our descriptions trying to use as many adjectives as possible. We even included some alliteration; words that start with the same letter e.g. furry, fuzzy and friendly.

In MATHS we have been practising our measuring skills. At the start of the week we tried measuring objects using different equipment like paper clips or straws, but we discovered that our results varied a great deal. We then tried the same investigation only using cubes. This time our results all matched up making them much more reliable. Towards the end of the week we began to look at symmetry through patterns and shapes. We used our enquiry skills to explore and complete different symmetrical tasks. It was lots of fun!

Year 2

In Literacy, we looked at another fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper”. We acted out a dialogue between the grasshopper and the ant. We enjoyed using actions and expression to change our voices so we behaved and sounded like the ant and/or the grasshopper. We then wrote out our dialogue using speech bubbles. Finally we were introduced to speech marks and had to add them to our final piece of writing.

In MATHS we used our enquiry skills to help us investigate how coins can be used to group numbers together when counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We used coins to help us recognise each piece and find different ways to make 10 and 20. We even worked systematically to help us find all the possibilities. It was tricky but we showed resilience and didn’t give up!

August 31st, 2016

Our Talk Topic for the coming week is: Paralympics

Learning Journey

This week we say goodbye to our Brainwave Unit! It has been great fun and full of discoveries! We have learned so much new knowledge about the brain which will continue to help us understand other aspects of our learning as we grow and develop. For our Exit Point we became enquirers and explored each other’s classrooms; checking they were all learner friendly! Together and with our careful assistance we created our own checklist: Is the room inviting/colourful? Does it have a quiet corner for story time? Is there a hydration zone – drinking water is good for the brain. After that, we assessed each classroom making sure we stuck to the criteria! Finally we evaluated the results and made any necessary adjustments to our own environments, making sure we have the maximum potential to learn!

Year 1

In LITERACY we have been learning all about rhyme: words that sound the same.

We read lots of poems and stories which include rhyme. It was great fun learning the different sounds and rhymes. We even made up our own performance poetry. First we had to practise! We used our toolkits to help us remember to speak clearly, use expression and include actions. Finally, we created our own rhymes and read them to the class.

In MATHS we have been counting in tens and ones. We made up our own maths stories and then drew pictures to help us remember. We then got to work on some maths challenges: adding a one digit number to a two digit number. We chose different resources to help us, such as a number line or 100 square. We love a challenge!

Year 2

In LITERACY, we explored a fable; The Frog and the Scorpion. Fables usually have a message or a moral in the story. We enjoyed acting out a conversation between two characters in the fable and had a go at writing the dialogue on our own. We also talked about different adjectives to describe the characters.

In MATHS we did some mental addition and subtraction by partitioning all numbers to 10, then 20 into pairs, using the = sign to represent equality (e.g. 6 + 4 = 7 + 3), We counted on in tens from any 1-digit number and then any two digit number. Finally, we related counting on/back in tens to finding 10 more/less and 1 more/less. We expanded our learning through interactive maths too.

Let’s see what MP1 have been up to this week…..

August 23rd, 2016

Learning Journey

MP1 have been very busy practising our skills this week, in our very own obstacle course inspired by the Olympics. First we tested out the different equipment Professor Spark sent us. We asked lots of enquirer questions; Can we throw it? Catch it? Jump over it? After we had explored all the equipment we began practising our skills – just like real Olympians! Finally we showed our understanding by creating our own obstacle course, ready to be tested out by our teammates.

Year 1

In LITERACY we have been practising our communication skills whilst learning all about instructions. We discovered that instructions use a lot of bossy language. It is also very important to sequence the instructions correctly. Otherwise, you get all jumbled up! We thought of our own bossy verbs to help us make a jam sandwich. It was more challenging than we thought but the final result was very yummy indeed!

In MATHS we started the week by learning to recognise more and less than a given number. We checked our understanding by placing each number in the correct order on a number line. Towards the end of the week we began to look more closely at ‘teen’ numbers and how they are made. We made our own ‘teen’ numbers using different coloured cubes to support our learning; making a tower of ten then adding more e.g. 10 and 3 more makes 13. Well done!

Year 2

In LITERACY we have been listening and talking about different stories: The Pet Who Flew. There Is No Such Thing As A Dragon and The Lion In The Meadow.

We worked very hard to come up with our own version of the story and had a go writing them down.

In MATHS we explored a lot with the bead strings we made last week. We learned about a new skill: estimating. Can you do that, too?

We also learned about number value and counting in tens and units. The children know a great way to switch from tens to units!

If you would like to continue your child’s learning at home please follow the link below and check out this fun website!

Back to school

August 17th, 2016

Welcome Back!

Meet The New
Milepost 1

MP1 have started the year with a bang, diving straight into our first IPC Unit Brainwave.

For our Entry Point we visited Professor Spark’s laboratory where we explored and discovered lots of new and fascinating facts about the brain. Did you know we have billions of neurons in our brain, which send messages and help us to learn?

In Year 1 we had great fun dressing up as scientists and got very messy dissecting jelly brains to find the neurons within. Our goggles and lab coats came in very handy when we were mixing different coloured potions together to create new and wonderful concoctions. We really felt like scientists as we started our investigations into the brain.

Year 2 took a closer look at the different parts of the brain, piecing them together bit by bit; just like a jigsaw puzzle. Yes that’s right, our brains are made up of different parts, each with their own name and important jobs to do. We then created our own cauliflower brains by painting each part a different colour to represent each special part of the brain. It was brain-tastic!

We really enjoyed our entry point! It was a great introduction into our Unit all about the brain and how we learn. We can’t wait to hear more from Professor Spark and to find out what is install for us next.